The Big Day – Closing!

We’re about to cross the finish line. Closing Date is just ahead. Here’s what you need to know about the final days and hours:

1. Final Walk-Through Inspection – Usually the day prior or the morning of a closing, the buyers will visit your home one last time before closing. This final inspection is called a ‘walk-through) and it allows the buyers to confirm that the property’s condition is satisfactory and compliant with the contract. 

2. Home Services and Utilities –  You will need to leave the power and water on in the house until midnight on closing day. We will provide you with the numbers of your utilities so that they can terminate your services timely. For the buyers’ convenience, we will suggest they initiate service as of that same date.

3. Unexpected Events or Delays – Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. This is when you really need an experienced real estate agent. Maybe something in the house broke at the last moment, or the buyer’s loan won’t close on schedule. There are a lot of variables. We’ve been through this numerous times and have various strategies and options to help make your transaction as smooth as possible for you.

4.Closing –  When your transaction is nearly completed, the title company will provide you with a “closing statement” – a summary of all the financial details (pro-rations on property taxes and all the transaction-related costs.) We will go over this with you to be sure it is accurate. On the closing date, at the title company’s office (unless you are away and we will make other arrangements), the title company will have you sign the final documents. When everything is complete, the title company will record the transaction for you and the buyer at the County Recorder’s Office, you will receive your proceeds from the transaction, and the buyer will become the official new owner. All keys and property-related materials will be delivered to the buyers.