Concierge Services

Moving is a stressful time.  While clients may be excited about moving into their new home, we almost never hear “I love packing and moving. I can’t wait!”  And for good reason…it’s a lot of hard work!

Part of our job is to make your job (and your life) as simple as possible. That is why we offer concierge services. We work with our partner providers to make a move as simple as possible. Perhaps you don’t have the time to do things yourself. Perhaps you don’t have the strength or energy. Or perhaps you just physically can’t do it. We can help with that.

We can provide a customized plan to help you move as easily as possible. We offer many services to you, but some of the more common include:

Packing Services – We will protect and pack all of your belongings. We are fully insured.

Measuring Services – Downsizing? We will measure your new residence to help you determine what furniture and belongings will fit and should be taken to the new residents. Anything that does not fit or is no longer needed or desired we will put in storage or use our Discard Services.

Discard Services – For any items you do not intend to take with you to your new residence, we can help you sell or donate for top dollar or tax benefit.

Cleaning Services – We can make sure your old residence is cleaned for new occupants and/or clean your new residence ahead of your arrival.

Utility Transfer Services – We can make sure your utilities are turned off at the old residence and make sure they are ready to go at the new residence for move-in.